Saturday, 11 June 2011

Reflections of a diabetic

I am very pleased to say that I just got engaged to my beautiful girlfriend, and part of the reason has to be the strangely positive side-effects of diabetes. We’ve been going out for a year and three months. I was diagnosed with Diabetes one year and eight months ago, although I knew I had the ‘betes’ four months before that.

I lost a lot of weight in a short period of time and it started to give me confidence. Perhaps one of the reasons I didn’t go to the doctor was because I didn’t want that process to be stopped. It was only when the constant need to urinate got too annoying that I actually did something about it. The other side-effect of being diagnosed with diabetes is the impetus it gives you to change your lifestyle and do more exercise.

I was thinner than I’d been in a long time, doing exercise and eating healthily and this gave me the confidence, after a while, to think I might actually be able to get out on the dating scene. I decided to use an online dating service, which is where I met my beautiful bride to be.

The thing about online dating in my mind is that it is all in the profile pictures (although this might be more true of men than women as some women have explained to me – but I don’t believe it). I had previously refused to entertain internet dating because I knew I didn’t have a photograph I was happy with. I was always too big, to shlubby and too pasty. If I couldn’t find a photo I felt good about I was sure no one else would fancy the person in that photo and I would have the humiliation of getting zero dates.

So after returning from a holiday to Turkey with a good friend of mine with a decent camera, I managed to find a couple of shots I was happy with and thought, what the heck – take the plunge. Two dates went by in quick succession before, on my third date, I met the lady who I knew then was the perfect one for me.

We’ve had our issues with diabetes which will have a big effect on any relationship, issues I’ve detailed in this blog previously and are rather too painful to go over again here. It is to my fiancĂ©’s great credit that we have been able to deal with the issues and move forward to such a place that she said ‘yes’. I couldn’t have done it without her - literally.

So I’m planning a wedding, and you know what – nothing about the diabetes is going to affect it. I will have some cake and I will have some champagne, just not too much, however I will do a lot of dancing.

On a sad note my cat, my diabetic cat, who had been living with me since my fiancĂ© moved in, had to be put down due to heart failure. He was a big fella and had been diabetic for quite some time. I’ll write a specific blog about Tommy as he deserves it, but it’s a warning sign. I might sometimes take Diabetes a bit lightly and even present some positives, but keeping it under control is fundamental to a avoiding the complications that led to his passing. He’ll be greatly missed.

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