Saturday, 11 June 2011

Dr Zhang’s miracle cure!

They have found a cure for Diabetes! That’s right, a cure. Sorry, in my excitement I failed to say that ‘they’ is in fact the Dr Zhang Clinic in Crouch End. The Chinese only speaking Dr, whom was never explicitly identified as the eponymous Dr Zhang - or a Dr, through her interpreter told me, to my face, that they can cure diabetes. I was stunned so I asked her to repeat it, just to be clear, and she said, “we can cure diabetes”.

Now the sign outside the shop says, ‘we can help with ..’ and the first thing you see is Diabetes. Now I’m a bit of an old sceptic and so I thought I’d pop in quickly (this wasn’t a consultation) and ask exactly what help they can offer, expecting to get some of the usual ‘woo’ from them to do with shakra and chi, but I wasn’t expecting a cure.

I honestly can’t believe they would stand there and tell me they can cure diabetes. I mean, massive research institutes in the US and the UK are working night and day to cure one of the most costly and growing health problems across the globe and all they actually need to do is to go to the Dr Zhang Clinic, 53 The Broadway, London, N8 8DT, tel 0208 340 8393 and they will mix up some herbal tea and cure diabetes. Please, don’t thank me for passing this on.

So how does it work? Well I have to say they weren’t explicit about this but the tea keeps blood sugar under control and the acupuncture also helps – although they didn’t bother much with this as the tea seemed to be the real money maker – I mean benefit.

When I challenged them and told them I was writing this blog I was told that I don’t understand. You see Chinese medicine, as practiced by the Dr Zhang Clinic, concentrates not on the pancreas but on the real “cause” of diabetes, “heat energy in the liver being high”. I’ve got a hot liver. ‘Heat energy’ is a funny phrase because as we all know, heat is energy. So according to them I have an over energetic liver and that’s the real cause of diabetes.

Now it starts getting serious because they explained the details of how it works. So firstly I have to stay on my western meds and jointly take the herbal tea concoction they put together. I tried asking what is in the mix and how it worked, chemically like. The answer was that it works to cure the diabetes. I abandoned this line of questioning. But the next stage of the treatment is to come off the western meds (metformin and Glicklazide in my case, both drugs I understand and know what they do – chemically like) after about three months of joint use. I could then drink the tea alone – once in the morning and once at night.

So how long would I be on this herbal tea? No idea, they said. It could be an indeterminate period of time because it works very slowly, maybe a year or maybe a few years and then I could stop and would be cured. And how much does this magical tea cost? Well it’s £35 a week. According to them the tea taste horrible and capsules were available – I did not enquire as to the cost of these.

£1820 a year – that’s a lot, but to cure diabetes! So not wanting to fork out such a large amount of money and come off my prescribed pills without a clear reason why I asked them for the evidence that it works, studies, academic papers, people who have been cured by them? Unfortunately the only evidence they could offer was that somewhere, in the great annals of Chinese medicine someone was probably cured, but they don’t know whom. And they haven’t cured anyone themselves because the treatment is so costly no one does it for the full length of time.

I was expecting them to talk about exercise and diet and other lifestyle choices to go alongside the tea – the stuff that, along with my medication, helps keep blood sugar under control, but nothing. Diabetes UK offers helpful information on all these as well as links to research, papers, studies and news about current drugs and developments in diabetes care. Science has produced huge breakthroughs in the care and medication of diabetics. The medicine I take every day, paid for through the NHS, helps me control my diabetes which without any treatment would kill me.

The advice Dr Zhang’s Clinic are offering is likely harmful and definitely costly. Having diabetes is shit. Luckily I don’t suffer from neuropathic pain that shoots up and down legs and arms, but many do. £2000 a year is not prohibitive to someone who is suffering, in pain, and depressed and I am worried that some people might take a chance on Dr Zhang’s miracle cure.

Or maybe it really does work – in which case I encourage everyone who is diabetic or knows someone who is diabetic to call them up or pop in and ask them to explain exactly – and I mean medically – how it works. If you aren’t convinced and you don’t think they are being entirely honest then please call Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 and make a complaint.


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  2. I have excellent care at my GP surgery and hospital clinic. At the Royal Free though the psychology service has been cut back a lot for newly diagnosed type 1s only now.

    Neuropathy is unpleasant, painful and screws you as th e anticonvulsants can only work so much before they dope you up. Morphine helps with pain-by the way herbal medicines can be lethal with morphine so guys be careul.

    I really welcome your blog though as so many get substandard care


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  4. How come you can not cure diabetes?

    It all boils down to the fact that it is just too complicated to cure.
    Many people have had pancreas transplants but the transplant is difficult due to the fact that the pancreas is very delicate and not everyone is an organ donor. Right now they only do these transplants when someone is dying from diabetic complications. My uncle had a pancreas/kidney transplant and lived for 15 years until he had a heart attack.

    Doctors all over the US and Canada have been working on islet cell transplantation. I know that in Philadelphia they had cured several people this past summer. The islet cell transplantation is only in the clinical trial stages right now. The medical community has recently found a better way to transplant these cells and they have had better results but it will be years before this is available to all diabetics. I was in the clinical trial in Philly and only know all of this info because I asked. I unfortunately had other health problems and had to drop out.

    The medical community has been working for years on an artificial pancreas or implantable insulin pump. There have been way too many problems with these however.

    There seems to be new discoveries and hope on the horizon everyday. I've been reading for years that a cure is just around the corner. Hopefully one day soon someone will find the thing that finally works perfectly.

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