Thursday, 14 April 2011

World Diabetes Day

Happy World Diabetes Day!

Really!? Happy? I’m not sure about that. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s an excellent idea to have had a day to raise awareness of the issue and the people who make it happen are doing wonderful, exhilarating, incredible, fantastical, marvellous work, but is ‘happy’ the most appropriate greeting? You don’t do the same for World Aids day. I have to say, on a personal level, speaking for myself, I’m really not that happy about having diabetes and so this greeting would seem inappropriate.

Happy diabetes day... there has to be a more appropriate way of introducing it – ‘chronic’ diabetes day. No, doesn’t work. ‘Respectful’ diabetes day, maybe? ‘I’m sorry you have’ diabetes day... that’s more like it.

So what did World Diabetes Day achieve? I suppose a lot of cakes were made, bought or won, further supporting our enemy the treat producers of the world. I wonder if we diabetes sufferers could pick out a single enemy, a nemesis if you will. Cadburys would do or Thorntons or Green and Blacks with their Mayan gold, for all those wonderful tasty chocolates they make? Or perhaps the conspiracy goes deeper – the cane sugar producers, or cocoa growers getting us hooked on their sweet, tasty raw goodness. Maybe the next Bond film could be about overthrowing the cruel Mayan cocoa growers who own the pharmaceutical companies that produce metformin.

Trouble is the Spanish wiped out most of the Mayan civilisation through brutality and smallpox, and the remaining native Mayan people are oppressed – often viciously – especially in Guatemala, so they would likely deserve their revenge. Plus they are being blamed for the end of the world in 2012 when their calendar ‘runs out’! Poor Mayans are having a bad lot so far. P.S. the ‘end of the calendar/end of world’ is the same as saying the world will end every 31 December! Nonsense.

Due to legal reasons I should point out that it is highly unlikely the chocolate, sugar and pharmaceutical companies are all tied up in a plot to supersize the world, and for Diabetes UK’s benefit these insane rantings also need to be put in the context that diabetics can eat some chocolates every now and then and that it’s all about moderation and balance.

I would like to know what world diabetes day achieves. Did it help prevent kids from heading down the road to getting diabetes? Did it help raise money for research into ending diabetes? Or did it simply make all of us with diabetes 1 and 2 appreciate that people are thinking of us and working hard on our behalf?

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