Thursday, 14 April 2011


When you are overweight you worry about sweat. You worry about it because of the patches it leaves under your arms, down your back and on your chest. I don’t mean when you’re at the gym where it’s good to sweat. At the gym people are judged on their levels of sweat.

“Hey there, looking sweaty, that must have been a good workout?”

“Yep. I’m sweating like a horse with a crack problem that just ran the Grand National. That’s how good at doing the gym I am.”

I mean at work and in your non-gym clothes. If you’re sweating outside of the gym it’s a whole different story.

“What’s the matter, did you just steal something? Have you been fooling around with the boss’s wife?”

So you do all you can to avoid sweat and that means avoiding anything that puts the heart rate up.
So instead of doing all the things that will help you lose weight in your daily routine you avoid them – such as climbing the escalators. When you have diabetes you shouldn’t avoid this useful activity, so how do you marry the two things?

I used to wear a t-shirt into work and then change once I’d had some time to cool down, but this isn’t ideal. You could go the whole hog and shower at work, which means you have to cycle in as an excuse for why you want to shower. But that’s ok too because you’ll start to see changes pretty soon from the benefits of cycling – plus you can ask work to participate in the cycle-to-work scheme. I heard recently from Andy Burnham, the Minister for Health, they are working with the Department of Work and Pensions to encourage businesses to provide showering facilities at work as part of the cycle-to-work scheme.

You can always join a local gym and perhaps go for a little morning swim and shower and change there. You still have to deal with the post swim exercise sweat, but at least you know you’ve been doing something healthy.

I stick to the dark or white shirts as they hide the marks better. The good news is that the more you lose weight and the fitter you become the less you have to deal with this moist problem.

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