Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sorry isn’t the hardest word

Blog 17 – Sorry isn’t the hardest word.

Diabetes has had a number of effects on me, as it will with everyone. It creates problems that are personal to you, that you feel you can’t share. It impacts on areas of your life that perhaps you’ve never experienced before. But the worst feeling is when your life changes but you aren’t sure if that’s a cause of the diabetes or even real change at all.

I appreciate I’m not being very clear and clarity is of the essence in a blog, but at the same time perhaps the message to take away from this entry is that some things just aren’t clear, they don’t fit into a neat box called ‘symptoms of diabetes’. Symptoms are sometimes so subtle that you’re not really sure if it’s a problem at all.

For instance, since I stopped eating chocolate as a treat I’ve been eating way too many crisps and nuts and I have surmised – after a period of refraining from eating them – that they have been giving me spots. The sad fact is that I have to restructure how I reward myself, something that has been intrinsically related to food throughout my life.

But that’s not really what I’m talking about either. If you have noticed a change in your life, lifestyle or physically and you just aren’t sure it is worth talking to your doctor about do some research first on Diabetes UK and see if what you’re experiencing might be a part of the disease and then go see the Doc.. Depression is a good example. If you haven’t ever experienced it before you might not know how to recognise it. From the ‘introduction to diabetes’ class I was lucky enough to get into just after I was diagnosed, they pointed out the shock of finding out can lead to depression. So perhaps if you just aren’t feeling your normal self you should speak to a medical professional. Finding out these subtle changes are real and treatable is a huge relief.

As an update on my previous blog, I’ve been climbing every escalator possible on my way to work (I make that 15) and so you owe me three chocolate bar put backs. PS if anyone else wants to join in do follow me on

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