Thursday, 14 April 2011

Nine and a half weeks with diabetes

Hmmm, not sure how to approach this one, but here goes. Often in new relationships, before the crushing onset of familiarity and normalcy, the sex life is something that sparks. One of the things that might be suggested is the element of food in the bedroom. Now I’m not talking about an egg and cress sandwich watching the Match of the Day on the small TV by the dresser whilst the missus catches up with Coronation Street on the big TV in the front room.

Take the film, Nine and a Half Weeks, you know the scene I’m talking about! How different would that have been if Mickey Rourke was diabetic?

“Look, I can have a bit of ice cream... not that much.. are you crazy I’ve got an A1c test in a month! Honey! Do you know the amount of sugar in processed honey, seriously, stop. Strawberries, ok now you’re talking, in fact I believe 10 of these babies make up one of my five-a-day.”

Not quite such a sexy moment.

So what are the alternatives – low fat humous? Maybe not. Greek yogurt? That’s a possibility. Porridge? Can’t see that going down well as an alternative to chocolate mousse!

I suppose the diet mantra still rings true – you can eat whatever you like, just be sensible and make sure you have small balanced portions.

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