Thursday, 14 April 2011

Let’s fight this thing together

The last few weeks have been unbelievably hectic because as part of my job I've been in Brighton for the Labour Party conference and in Manchester for the Conservative's conference. I believe Diabetes UK were present at the Fringe and ran some events at the Health Hotel – a one-stop-shop for health issues. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but would have loved to have done so.

The focus for the NHS is very much on how the NHS is going to save between £15 to £20 billion over the next few years. I would have thought they could make a significant start by getting a whole bunch of us diabetics off the drugs and into exercise and healthy diet, and particularly in stopping kids from adopting the patterns that lead them down our particular road. Perhaps free gym membership and clothing vouchers to make it less expensive to lose weight and have to keep replacing the wardrobe.

So I come back to a comment in my previous blog about losing the fear. How the possible onset of blindness is not enough to frighten one reader back to the straight and narrow. And I keep coming back to it time and again, when I'm standing on the escalator instead of walking up it, but also when I do make it to the gym and have a great workout.

We can change this ourselves, we can take control of our lives, and we can take the extra steps to give diabetes a kick in the teeth. Government isn't going to be able to help us, we have to help ourselves. So right here and right now, as I type this I am making a pact with Lesleydp, and unfortunately this is not one you have a say in. Everytime you pick up that chocolate bar and put it back - I'll walk up five escalators. And every time you go for a 30 minute walk I'll go to the gym for an hour, and vice a versa. So now Lesleydp I'm relying on you to take those extra steps.

They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, well beating diabetes, as best we can, might be a thousand mile journey but each step (quite literally) is a kick in the teeth to diabetes. From now on I'm going to tweet ( each bit of exercise I do. So Lesleydp I expect you to sign up to it and we can follow each other's efforts. I won't be able to keep it up without you.

I'm in Bologna at the moment and about to go to my first ever opera tomorrow night, la Boheme. I warn diabetics away from Bologna as it seems to be the home of ice cream, cakes and cheese. It's a beautiful city that's very easy to walk around, so although I had my now traditional holiday only ice cream, I must have walked about 15 miles in the last two days (Lesleydp that's got to be worth two thirty minute walks and putting back one chocolate bar).

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