Thursday, 14 April 2011

Conferences and white bread

Diabetes has affected my work life. I lose concentration at work, especially in long tedious meetings where before I might have been able to stay awake (I say might). I also seem to get very tired around about half three, which I think might be related to the come down from my blood sugar levels spiking after my standard lunch of sandwich and fruit. Or I might just be getting tired. I’ll try to find out for my next blog.

So when I had to go to an all-day conference yesterday I was concerned I would have little control over the type of lunch served and end up falling asleep during a talk. I was prepared for the usual slightly crusty white bread sandwiches cut into triangles with curling edges.

It’s a worry. I couldn’t approach an event organiser and say, ‘do you have something with a lower GI, I’m diabetic?’ It’s just not in me yet. Maybe when I get older and more belligerent I will be able to. I wonder if the same applies to going on holiday, I’m off to Turkey so I’ll see?

Whether it’s a real worry is debateable as I have tended to blow advice and guidance out of proportion. When they first said continue to eat fruit and get your five-a-day I went fruit crazy and my sugar went through the roof. So when they say choose seeded granary bread over processed white bread I avoid white bread like the plague, dreaming of tesco own brand loaves cornering me in the baking section and beating the living daylights out of me.

As it turned out the food was salad based, with a selection of granary and white buns and a bit of hot pasta bake. It was a well rounded, balanced meal. I decided against desert. I was the same as everyone else, the same I tells ya. The diabetes wasn’t an issue.

I’m writing this at 2.29 the day after the event and I guess the lesson I learnt was not to .... [snore] “White bread!!!! Arrggghh!” [snore]

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