Thursday, 14 April 2011

Clothes and weight loss

The one good thing about the ‘betes’ is that it forces you to lose weight, I mean after all, it’s a symptom of the disease. So that’s my focus, I’m losing weight and doing loads of exercise!

However it’s getting pretty expensive. None of my old shirts, suits and trousers fit me so I had to buy new stuff. I don’t care for puffy shirts, and when you’ve gone from an 18 collar to a 16 ½ it billows like a sail in the wind. And now the new stuff is starting to get baggy too.

I’m off to a wedding and the dinner suit I had, which didn’t fit me for about three years because it was too small but which I kept in order to wear when I did finally get back into it, is now too big! It was in wearable range for about a month! A month! So I took it to the charity shop, they’ve done pretty well out of me lately – I won’t be giving to Children in Need this year. (I’m kidding, seriously)

I’m not good at throwing clothes out. I keep socks until I don’t know which end to put my foot in. So to get rid of perfectly suitable suits was damned hard. I lost weight before I was diagnosed (as I said, one of my symptoms) but I could not bring myself to throw out the stuff that didn’t fit, just in case I ever needed them again. But the ‘betes’ changed all that. If I was to get back into them it would likely be at the expense of my health. So farewell my outsized clothing, farewell.

Truth is I can’t afford to replace it all at once so I’ll be billowing down Oxford street like a dandy pirate highwayman for a few months yet as I keep losing weight.

Not that it’s really a concern yet, but I’m losing weight pretty fast with this new diet and all the swimming and badminton, I wonder what happens when it’s all gone. I might collapse in on myself and create a black hole. I’ll cross that unlikely cosmic bridge when I come to it.

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